Monday, April 21, 2014


During week 4, children worked with wood and did a group sculpture and some individual sculptures.  For the team project, they worked on arranging the wood on a base and gluing it down.  It was challenging to see what would balance and if things would adhere to the glue in the way they wanted to.  Lots of trial and error during this week!  Some of them also worked on individual projects as well.  After the glue dried, they painted the wood and added other embellishments that they chose to add.  

 This child is working on an individual project, she decided to make a turkey and the fanned sticks are the feathers.  Such creativity!
 This child is stacking and gluing blocks onto the team project.  All the children worked on the group project at one time or another.
 Another individual project.  She is leaning the sticks towards the middle.  I love the concentration evident in her expression.
The group project is really coming along!!  Looks like it will be ready for the next step soon!
                                                 Painting her individual project.
                                         Painting begins!
              Adding embellishments; jewels, rocks and pipe cleaners.
                                                             Wood Sculptures
                                                             Paper Sculptures
Canvas, glass and puffy paint sculptures
Their sticks are hanging beautifully from the ceiling light structure, and their wood sculptures are in the corner.  There is also a pipe cleaner sculpture on the shelf that they collaborated on.  Truly an amazing month!!

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