Friday, August 31, 2012

Learning About Photography Part 2

Still-life photo arranged and taken by a 3 year old

Still-life photo arranged and taken by a 4 year old

Still-life photo arranged and taken by a 3 year old

Portrait taken by a 5 year old

Nature photo taken by a 4 year old

Event photo taken by a 3 year old

The first three photos are still life photos that the children set up and photographed.  The second week, we learned about portraits and nature photos.  The  last week, the children used dress up clothes and took pictures of getting ready for a party.
A photo, taken by me, of a 4 year old child taking photos.  She was so excited to use a camera this month she alone took over 80 pictures!

These two photos are from our Photography Gallery Opening!!  After learning about photography for the month and collectively taking over 200 pictures, each child chose a still life photo and a portrait to display in the hallway gallery.  They also each had a photo book comprised of all the photos they took during the month.  Parents were invited to this important event to see their children's hard work!  It was a huge success!!

Learning about Photography

During the month of June the children were learning about photography.  During the first week, the children learned how to set up still life photos.  They chose what they wanted to photograph, and where they wanted to set it up.  In the top picture, the child set up some fruit to photograph.  In the next two pictures, the children are placing blocks and rocks on a stool and getting their shot ready for photographing.