Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Making Water Babies/Bottles

Today at Preschool, we filled some 1 liter bottles up with colored water...

We each got a turn to fill a bottle.

We made all the colors of the rainbow!

We tried to do some balancing.  One on each side.

We introduced our new "babies" to the slide.

We took our "babies" for rides.  They got to ride in the front...

The back...

Even the "way back" with friends!  (There are 4 bottles in the box :))
We love to carry our "babies" all around the playground.  It makes us feel good to do some work !   It helps our muscles get stronger!  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bowling During "Sport Camp!"

Setting up the pins
Winding up!
How many more will fall?
Setting the pins just so...
In the air, here we go!
Down, down, down the hall...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

Re-purposing a Tractor


Once upon a time, the children had a tractor to ride on.  One day, the wheel fell off...but all was not lost!  My super smart kids re-purposed the wheel and used it as a "table" in the sandbox.  Well, at first only one wheel was being used.  One of the kiddos investigated the tractor and wanted the other wheel.  She pulled and pulled and voila!!  The second wheel, still attached to the rod came off the tractor.  She took it over to the sandbox, stuck it in, and got right to work!  
The story continues...a few days later..."What should we do now?"
Taking the back wheels off...
Taking the seat many possibilities!!
Stationary tractor!! Still so fun!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sensory "Camp"

Flour and water play

Making a taco with a leaf  and the flour/water concoction

Pouring oobleck onto the tray

Exploring oobleck

Body painting

Literacy: writing letters in shaving cream

We ended our sensory week with a fieldtrip.  Here we are investigating tapioca beads.  So slimy and squishy!


Cloud dough, it was super soft to touch

Blowing bubbles....a great way to end our week!

Building The Stage

The children have been singing and pretending all year, so I thought a good addition to our playground would be a stage.  We found a big pallet and bought a piece of plywood and voila!!  The kids helped put the stage together and then were excited to use it right away.  It has been a great hit! We have already put on two plays that the children wrote and they are often found belting out songs from the stage as well.