Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The original plan was to do one month of sewing, but we weren't quite done with our masterpieces so we extended our learning by a week into February.  We finished our sewing focus by choosing special final projects.  Each child chose what they wanted to make and then designed it and sewed it together.  A lot of great projects were made these last several weeks, and I hope the children will be inspired as they get older to do some sewing on their own, and/or bond with a grownup in their life that they can work on projects with.   
This child decided to make a sleeping bag and pillow for her doll out of fleece.  She said she wanted polka dots on her fleece, and this is what I found!  I actually found a blanket to cut the pattern from.  It was perfect and very economical!
This child wanted to make an owl.  She drew it on paper and I cut it out of the felt for her.  The blue on top of the eyes are eyelashes.  Super cute!!!!  She did all of the sewing by herself.  So much great detail!  First she sewed the pieces on the front, then she sewed the back and front together. Here she is stuffing her special friend with polyfil.
She worked super hard and was so proud of her work!
This child wanted to make a birdy finger puppet.  He designed it and I cut it out of felt.  He sewed the pieces on and then sewed it together.  Here he is stitching the sides together.
Another example of amazing fine detail work he did on his puppet.  Look at that smile!!
She couldn't wait to bring this home for her doll!  
This child is working on a cat.  You can see her amazing pattern on the table that she designed. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This was an absolutely fabulous project.  Again, children chose which felt they wanted to use and designed their own pillows.  They stitched designs onto the front of the pillow and then they stitched the felt together leaving one side open so they could put the polyfil in.  Then they stuffed their pillows and sewed them shut.  
Here is the first step, making a design!  He looks so proud :)
First, this child sewed the snowflakes to the black material, and here he is sewing the square onto the front of the pillow.
This child traced some shapes to add to the front of her pillow.  Here she is sewing a heart.
This child used buttons to decorate her pillow.  Here she is sewing them on.
She added a piece of square fabric to the middle to complete her design.
Adding the polyfil!!

Sooo proud!!!
This child also chose to trace shapes and is seen here sewing them onto what will be the front of her pillow.
Stuffing the pillow with polyfil!
All finished!!
Sewing buttons and a kitty.

Sewing the edges together....

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The first project we worked on was to make puppets.  The children decided what color felt they wanted to use and drew their design onto the felt.  Then they used embroidery thread and tapestry needles to sew and stitch on the front of their puppet.  Finally, they sewed the back and front together to create their finished puppet.


For the month of January, we focused on sewing.  We had dabbled a little with sewing in December with some embroidery thread and felt.  The children really enjoyed it, so I thought it would be great to focus on sewing for a whole month.  Sewing is such a grounding activity.  A few of the children's grandparents sew and it can be such a bonding activity to do.  It is also great for building fine motor muscles in their hands which will help the children as they start writing more and more.  We started practicing putting yarn in and out of embroidery hoops with burlap.

After practicing on the embroidery hoops with yarn, we moved to meat trays with embroidery thread.  The children drew a picture on the tray and then stitched the picture.  It was tricky to poke the needles through the trays!
This child made part of his family.

One of our challenges was knowing where to put the needle in from the bottom!