Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This was an absolutely fabulous project.  Again, children chose which felt they wanted to use and designed their own pillows.  They stitched designs onto the front of the pillow and then they stitched the felt together leaving one side open so they could put the polyfil in.  Then they stuffed their pillows and sewed them shut.  
Here is the first step, making a design!  He looks so proud :)
First, this child sewed the snowflakes to the black material, and here he is sewing the square onto the front of the pillow.
This child traced some shapes to add to the front of her pillow.  Here she is sewing a heart.
This child used buttons to decorate her pillow.  Here she is sewing them on.
She added a piece of square fabric to the middle to complete her design.
Adding the polyfil!!

Sooo proud!!!
This child also chose to trace shapes and is seen here sewing them onto what will be the front of her pillow.
Stuffing the pillow with polyfil!
All finished!!
Sewing buttons and a kitty.

Sewing the edges together....

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