Thursday, April 3, 2014


Each year in June, the preschoolers focus on different types of art and we invite families into school for an Art Gallery Opening so they can see all of the hard work accomplished throughout the month by their children.  This month, the preschoolers focused on 3-dimensional art and sculpture.  During the first week, children experimented with paper to make art.
Children are using pencils to wrap the strips of paper around to make them curly.  They also folded the paper back and forth accordion style.  Great ways to help strengthen their fine motor muscles!   
This child is working on a box lid sculpture.  
This child chose to use a box to make her creation. She painted the box first, prepared some curled paper, and glued it to her box to make her sculpture.
This child chose a lid, painted it, and then asked to use pompoms to make his 3-D sculpture.  I love when children think "out of the box!" 

These two children decided to work on a project together.  A great chance for collaboration.  They painted the box, prepared paper, and also added ribbon to their sculpture.  
Hard at work painting!  
Finished sculpture! 

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