Monday, May 20, 2013


One of my favorite math activities is to estimate, count and sort conversation hearts.  This year, since I have so many older kids, not only did we estimate, sort, count and figure out which which color had the least amount and most amount of hearts, but we also documented our findings.  

Each child colored in a heart and figured out how to write the color by checking the list.  It was great practice for figuring out what letters were in each color.  They all did a wonderful job figuring out the first letters right away.  Many of them were also able to listen to the word to figure out more letters.  Then they were able to choose and copy the right word.   After the wrote the word, they wrote the number of hearts next to the word.
Here, the children are counting the hearts.
Counting orange hearts...
Writing the names of the colors on the corresponding line...
Counting pink hearts...

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