Saturday, May 25, 2013


I was so excited to use our new test-tubes for some more color experimenting.  I added water to each test tube, and again gave them each the three primary liquid watercolors and pipettes.  The children decided themselves which colors to put where, and how much.  They really got engaged in adding one color to the water, adding a second to see what happens, etc. 

This child wanted to get a closer look, so she took the test tube out of the holder and also gave it a shake to mix the colors more.
This was a great learning experiment.  We used polyfil and tried to mix our colors on it.  What we discovered though is that polyfil does not absorb liquid, so the colors did not really stay or mix on the polyfil.  It led to a great discussion about absorption and what that means!  I love teachable moments like this.

Our final experiment with color this month was seeing what happens when we add white and black to our colors.  Earlier, we sorted paint color samples and chips into piles.  Then each child chose a pile to work with and picked a color to try to match by mixing white and/or black with a primary or secondary color.  

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