Friday, December 28, 2012


This December, we tried our hands at sewing.  I put out some felt and real needles with embroidery thread.  The children really enjoyed putting the needles through the felt and sewing.  They were very excited to make things and said they were making quilts.  The first step was just getting used to putting the needle and thread through the felt.  Some kids made felt balls and decided to give it to their cats for toys.  As they practiced, a few of them started asking me about how to stop the felt from bending.  I explained how they could make smaller stitches closer together and that would stop it from doing that.

Just look at her concentration!
Working together and helping each other.
We also had some plastic sheets and plastic needles to use for sewing practice.

Making a felt ball cat toy.

Practicing smaller and closer together stitching.

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