Monday, December 31, 2012


We made some pipe cleaner snowflakes with wintery colored pony beads.  Some children chose to make AB patterns on some of the rays and some chose to just mix it up!

We also took out some peppermint scented playdough to use with cookie cutters and alphabet stampers.
Here is a snuggly little sister visiting us in her PJ's for pajama day!
Snuggling with our blankets!
This year, I gave out presents one at a time and was amazed at how excited the children were to watch their friends open their gifts.  They were so patient and excited to see what their friends got.  Once they saw it was feety pajamas, they said; "What kind did you get?"  They were also all so full of thank-yous and I just felt so blessed to have the pleasure of working with such an amazing group of preschoolers.
Different animals on these jammies...
Zebra jammies!!
Cars and trucks, just look at that smile!  He asked "How did you know I like cars?!" lol
Leopard pj's of course!!  She told her mom later "I'm glad I got the leopard ones, I like that kind."
Working together and helping each other unwrap, precious!
Owl pajamas...we both love owls!!!  
Eating popcorn and watching Frosty in our new Jammies...they couldn't wait to change and all headed to the bathroom the second the last child opened their gift...
Dancing in our Jammies!!  It rained all day, a perfect pajama day!

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