Tuesday, March 19, 2013


For the month of January, we focused on sewing.  We had dabbled a little with sewing in December with some embroidery thread and felt.  The children really enjoyed it, so I thought it would be great to focus on sewing for a whole month.  Sewing is such a grounding activity.  A few of the children's grandparents sew and it can be such a bonding activity to do.  It is also great for building fine motor muscles in their hands which will help the children as they start writing more and more.  We started practicing putting yarn in and out of embroidery hoops with burlap.

After practicing on the embroidery hoops with yarn, we moved to meat trays with embroidery thread.  The children drew a picture on the tray and then stitched the picture.  It was tricky to poke the needles through the trays!
This child made part of his family.

One of our challenges was knowing where to put the needle in from the bottom!

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